Let It Go

I need to let it go
Before I lose control
This has me in a death grip
My life, I feel it slip
I don’t even care though
I need to let it go

Just when I think I have it
I think I went and grabbed it
Yeah, I really attacked it
I’ve torn, burned and buried it
It comes back and slaps me
Yeah, it really grabs me

From behind it pulls me
Over my face it covers me
Holding my breath smothers me
From the sides crushing me
The ground moves underneath
Dropping me to my knees

I feel so desolate
Maybe a little bit desperate
Why does it devastate?
How does it penetrate?
I just want to overcome
But it won’t leave me alone.

My demon finds me
It hides inside me
And when I’m happy
It then attacks me
Leaves me speechless
Makes me defenseless.

I push it away
Get out of my face
Move out of my way
It’s memory erase
But it comes back
Another sneak attack

And I’m knocked down
My world flipped around
Even without a sound
I’m kneeling on the ground
My face towards the sky
‘Help me Father’ I cry…

© 2019 Olivia Allen

4 thoughts on “Let It Go

    1. Change your focus from the things that give you grief and focus on the things that give you joy. In all things though, look to the Lord and let HIM be your joy. HE is ever present, and HE knows both your beginning and your ending never forsaking you for someone else. It is never easy, but the best things in life come after the struggle. When you are in the worst of your trials, you are being prepared for your triumph. Have faith, your mustard seed will come to fruition.


      1. I feel like the list of things that give me joy is way shorter than the alternative. I know He has me and is my shepherd but that doesn’t make this journey easy.


      2. Because part of the journey is knowing that you need to lean on the Shepard. HE will carry you through your trials.
        We are hardwired to focus on the negativity. We can, through GOD’S help and grace, change the way we focus. You don’t need a smooth journey, you need to see the softness in HIS embrace and the tender care only GOD can give. Focus on HIM and see the steps and the ultimate sacrifice HE took for you. Isn’t that what everything is really about?
        No, I can’t do this all the time, but all the time GOD has me, even when I’m in my lowest, I know GOD is carrying me.


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