Purpose and Gifts

We obsess over our purpose. 

Are we supposed to do this or that?

What is my gift to the world?

What is my talent?

Am I supposed to teach or preach?

How will I know what I’m supposed to do, who I’m supposed to be?

Just stop.

Stop asking the questions. 

Your purpose is to live and live as Christ did. He is the example we follow. 

He speaks to you, you listen and do. 

Many of us will not have “one big purpose”; we have millions of little ones we do every single day. 

The example you live is your purpose. 

Stop worrying about what it is you are supposed to do and start living your life. Live how God leads you. Trust and obey Him. 

Don’t waste your time thinking about what you’ve done wrong; start right now getting it right.

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