New Things

There is nothing new under the sun.

Sometimes that is a scary thought. To us, we have new experiences, we meet new people, we even take new paths…starting a new job can be a little frightening. Maybe we take the bus for the first time and we are alone in the journey; it’s totally new to us. We might have a new diagnosis, something no one in our family has faced. We are walking through the valley of the shadow, fearful of what is to come. 

Take comfort that God walks with us, even through the valley of the shadow. 

Sometimes the valley is in our minds…not our imagination, but in our thoughts causing us to question our knowledge. We want signs and assurances because we are incapable of seeing as God does. He knows all things. He answers petitions before He is asked. He has prepared the way for us. 

Simply speaking, we complicate everything because we cannot not know. 

With God, all things are.  

They are possible; they are good; with God, all things are met with a strength we cannot imagine. 

The situation may be new to us, but God has purposed us for this path and nothing is new to Him.

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