We like to see growth. 

We see it in nature as the trees get taller each year. Our crops grow before our eyes. As do our children. 

In business, we see expansions and financial growth. Our coworkers move up the ladder or on to bigger and better things. 

We move up, too. Or we change jobs, change direction…

Everything we see happening is us looking on…

We are not the plant struggling for nourishment, sunlight or water. 

We’re not the child with growing pains, having difficulty fitting in and catching on to new subjects. 

We don’t see the financial losses the growing companies face; we only see the growth. 

We don’t see the sacrifices and doubts our coworkers have about their rise in the company or their fears in career change. 

We see the outside; we see a bigger picture, not all the little details. 

In our lives, we focus on the little details. We dwell on fears, failures, insecurities and negativity. We don’t see the outcome. 

Here’s an amazing fact: GOD has witnessed everything, even all the little details. HE already knows the outcome and all the things we face. And not just us, but every ‘creeping thing that creepeth’ HE knows it all. 

When you start looking at all the accomplishments of others, remember that they are just like you and full of doubts too. 

And remember that when you ask GOD for help and guidance, HE is working in ways you cannot imagine or know. You might think “well, I’m still drowning…” but you have no idea how much HE has taken care of without you knowing. 

Sometimes you have to take a step back so you can see all the good.

Keep believing. Keep having faith. Keep praying. This, too, shall pass.

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