Just Listen

I had a friend send me a video to watch and listen and then relate my thoughts and feelings about it. I started on a blank page to compose my reply…

The page remains blank to this day. 

It’s not that I had no thoughts or nothing to say (believe me, I always have thoughts and something to say), but no words would settle. 

I’ve found that some things need no reply. 

Sometimes you just need to listen, and really hear what’s going on without responding. 

And that takes strength. 

I was reading in Exodus and GOD commands Moses to do this yet Moses argues with GOD.  And I wonder if Moses had not complained, would Pharaoh have let Israel go without GOD having to show HIS power…was it because of Moses’s doubt that Pharaoh’s heart was hardened…

We all need to learn to listen and understand and maybe not argue back with everything. Make sure we understand before we comment. 

Maybe that would make us more compassionate. 

I just wonder sometimes how much of our problems are self-inflicted. How much more are our difficulties because of our unbelief?

What would happen if we practiced obedience?

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