Things hoped for
Evidence of unseen
Confidence in the good
Of what is to be.

Faith moves mountains
And up-roots trees
Makes the dumb speak
And blind to see

Faith gives strength
Follow as HE leads
Makes the sacrifice
Parts the seas

In the dark caves
HE supplies your needs
Faith is there
Until you’re freed


“Increase my faith “
If this is your prayer,
The trials will come;
Remember the Savior.

Size of your faith
Is without measure.
Always as promised
HE always delivers.

3 thoughts on “Faith.

  1. Faith is believing when you don’t see or know what is to come, right? But you have faith His will, grace and mercy will be yours. How do you keep that kind of Faith long term? I mean when you don’t hear or see God moving in your life but you can in others what can you do to keep the kind of Faith he requires? If I faulter do I have to start all over again? If I feel lost and don’t know what to do does that mean I don’t have faith so now my prayers don’t matter?


    1. The kind of faith he requires isn’t much.
      Everyone falters and stumbles, everyone is tempted and tested.
      It’s not unique to you.
      All throughout the Bible are countless examples of how weak the flesh is and how merciful He is. He brings you down so you know your need of HIM.
      Faith is knowing that regardless of what you receive or not, you know it is your benefit.
      And maybe you are asking for something not for you…for decades I begged Him to move me and one day, the problem I had was moved and I no longer want to be moved.
      He works and none can hinder and He hinders and none can work. His will is regardless…He is working in you and increasing your faith. Sometimes we are too close to the source to see the changes.


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