Funny thing happened the other day… I was cooking a meal for I don’t know probably 50-60 people. I got up early that morning, got everything going. I cooked the entire meal. No problem.

It wasn’t until I went to serve that I realized I had no spoons. 

It’s funny to me how much we can accomplish when we have to. 

But then what we’ve gone without for so long all of the sudden becomes a problem. Everything comes to a screeching halt because we’re missing that one key piece.

Isn’t it funny; we spend our whole life looking for that missing piece…

We can create a masterpiece, build a perfect life, but if we’re missing part of the foundation, then we’re on shaky ground. 

I know the serving spoons aren’t the meat and potatoes of the meal, but if there isn’t a way to serve, what is the purpose?

Faith, Hope, Charity…these three are not possible without Grace given through GOD’s Son Jesus Christ. The table was prepared, the sacrifice made, Grace flowed to all HIS Children…only because HE ‘served’ HIMSELF for HIS Children. 

Because of HIS Grace, we have Faith, Hope, and Charity. HIS Blood carries the Grace to HIS Children and without the Blood, we have nothing. 

The food is prepared; the table is set; without the sacrifice of the Holy Lamb of God, it is all for naught. 

Without that missing piece, all the preparation goes to waste. 

The way was made to serve the food at my house that day. It just made me think of how we can do so much until we are brought to the place where we can’t go any further. 

Keep seeking; keep asking; keep knocking and you will find what you seek.

2 thoughts on “Serving

  1. I hear what you’re saying but how do you know what to ask or if you’ve been asking the wrong things. What if what you’re seeking isn’t in his will? You’re patiently waiting and asking but no answer. Is the no answer your answer?


    1. I don’t know the answer…when I ask, I ask for what I desire but include ‘if it could be YOUR will’. If it’s not HIS, I don’t want it.
      Ask for faith that what HIS will is will be sufficient. I promise you that what HE has in store is so much better than what you can imagine.
      Love and prayers for you, Elana


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