Just a Thought

I think we, people in general, like to complain.

I think we are prone to argue and reassign blame. We want the desserts without the consequences. 

And we are hardwired to see the bad. 

And you know, GOD cursed the ground to not yield to the plow. HE made the earth fight man every step of the way. HE made the weeds to grow plentiful but the fruit to take work. 

And that is why we see the bad in everything. 

Because we are made of the same ground, the same clay that was cursed to struggle with man. 

We truly are hardwired to see the bad. 

We must put in work to see good. 

We must nurture our minds to grow positive thoughts. 

It’s like the seed man plants and GOD waters with rain… GOD plants the seed in us and HE gives everything we need to nurture the fruit within. 

The struggle is real.

It’s something we all face. And we all can overcome.

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