It Pours

When it rains…

Have you noticed that it’s not just one thing that happens, but several things? Like someone needs help, and it’s not a simple fix, like you’d hope…


And then you get a call or a text and someone else needs you right now, and that is more pressing, or personal, so you are pulled another way…

Did I mention that you were in the middle of trying to figure out the puzzle that is your job?


And you have somewhere you have to be in a few hours and you are slightly stressed about that meeting?

Everyone’s noticed all that…

Have you noticed that when the troubles start to mount and you feel like your head is just barely above water you get a little life line?

It pours…

Pay attention next time you start feeling overwhelmed and see if you can notice all the little blessings poured over you.

It might not be easy, but if you look hard enough, you’ll see gifts of love from all directions.

The LORD provides everything needed, even encouragement, when troubles start to flood.

Take heart; when it rains, HIS love pours over us in various ways.

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