When Troubles Crowd

It's not a thump,
it's more like a pounding
my chest starts to bump
in my ears, resounding.

I look down to view
each time my heart beats
how my shirt moves
so obvious to me.

and the bass in my ears
even as loud as it is
cannot drown out what i hear
nearly brings me to tears.

Eyes burn red hot,
close them to hide from view
tears swell and get caught.
Not here, can't let them through.

shallow breaths taken
more sporadic this time
not in rapid succession
as so often i find.

It's like a struggle
just to suck air in
but there's no trouble
it explodes out again.

I'm full but empty,
hollow yet solid still,
air finds an entry
but lungs remain filled.

I'm panicking; I'm suffocating;
considering some medication
Life’s over-stimulating;
maybe need a little meditation

Quiet the voices in my mind
slow the pounding in my chest
clear the tears out of my eyes
and take some deep breaths.

Oh LORD, I need YOU now
I am so overwhelmed
On every side troubles crowd
By YOUR arms, I need to be held.

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