My Eyes…

King & Country has a song “Fix My Eyes”…

What is the point of life? 

You know, we were created by the Father in HIS image.

Okay fine. 

And I know we all want better. 

We all want more.

We all want to advance.

We strive and struggle through this life…

accumulating everything we possibly can…

and for what?

For whom? 

We can’t take it with us when we die.

Fix my eyes…

“Set my sights, dear LORD, on YOU.

“Let me not want things of this world.

“Let me not want things that are temporary.

“Let me not want things that will do my soul no good.

“Let me not want things that YOU do not approve.”

Fix my eyes…

If I focus on my struggles and my petty wants, and not focus on the good LORD, I only see the storms of life and not the SAVIOR of my life.

I can become so bogged down in everything, stuck in the mire that I’ve created on my own by focusing on the “problems” that I seem to have. But if I turn my focus on the CREATOR, if I can be blessed to see HIM, how much sweeter life will be. 

Fix my eyes…

Look at Peter walking on water…as long as he kept his eyes on JESUS, he walked fine, but one look in another direction caused him to start to sink. If you need proof, there it is. 

Naturally we head in the direction we want to travel. Think of driving down the road. When we start to look away…when our eyes start to wander, we start to veer off course and hit the rumble strips, run off the road.

It is only natural for us to move towards the direction we are looking. 

Fix my eyes…

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