Grace & Faith

I was sitting at a traffic light this morning and so moved by the beauty of the sky. Pale blue background with every shade of pink imaginable in the most spectacular arrangement. It was breathtaking. 

Rachel Platten was singing about Grace and I was thinking about faith. 

Like everyone else in the world, I have so many fires burning that need my focus. I’m constantly running scenarios of what happened, what could happen, making each flame uncontrollable. 

I’ll complain about my bleeding gums knowing that isn’t really on my mind. 

I vent about my frustrations with a game I play, but it’s just a diversion. 

I’m going to downplay about what worries me. 

I don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole; I’m afraid of what lies at the bottom. 

So I’ll continue to act like it’s the little mundane things that have me worried…

Because while I was sitting there waiting for the light to turn green, I was reminded anew that the magnificent view I was admiring was created by the merciful and perfect GOD who knows all things and works all things for HIS perfect plan. 

Faith is believing that HIS will is what is best for all. Faith is believing that GOD can do anything and everything and knowing that whatever is in store I will trust that it is best.

And the wonderful thing is, my faith doesn’t have to be much to be sufficient.

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