Satan is the author of confusion. 

JESUS is the Prince of Peace. 

Where there is peace, there is the LORD. 

Where there is strife, there is the devil. 

I have found peace in what I hope to believe is the way I am meant to go; but of late, I have started questioning which path is mine to take. I have stated numerous times that my fear is in doing something that is contrary to the way GOD would have me to go. It is odd that I find the way many people would tell me to choose is the way that I do not have the confidence in being for me.  

It concerns me how hard the decision is to make; yet when I try to beg to the LORD, I have few doubts. 

I do not doubt HIM, I doubt my interpretation of HIS will for me. 

I am terrified of not having HIS grace. 

I was reading in Psalms chapter 7 and struck by how I’ve heard it interpreted. Granted that only two or three verses were referenced but it seemed to me that singling out just a few words completely changed the meaning. It’s like taking words out of context. If you are not privy to the whole conversation, you miss out on the bulk of the discussion.

Like judging someone without knowing the whole situation…

Those verses referenced were taken to mean a person made a trap for someone else and then fell into it himself. 

And I can see that. 

But when I read the whole chapter, it seems to me that David is begging for mercy if he wrongfully attacked someone who was not his enemy. He asks that GOD punish him as HE sees fit. 

And to me, the pit that was dug in the earth, is an attack on another person…like judging without knowing the soul. He says if he was wrong, then he deserves condemnation. He admits he could be wrong…but he was acting how he thought GOD instructed him. 

And this is my predicament:  I feel like I know the way I need to go, I feel strongly led in a certain way, but I fear beyond comprehension that I could be wrong. 

Did David destroy cities that were the LORD’s elect? Did he wrongfully send Uriah to be killed; was Uriah one of the LORD’s children? 

Do I condemn others for their beliefs or do I show mercy? And which is better, to love as JESUS, (the harlot and the publican among others found comfort in Christ) or to put away those who do not follow HIS law?

How can I be certain I am in HIS path?

How do I know if I do the right thing? Can I know for sure, or will I always feel this way?

I am so tormented.

Satan is the author of confusion.

JESUS is the Prince of Peace.

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