It’s my own fault. I do this to myself. 

I get mad at the world for not meeting expectations, but, I don’t let the world know what is expected. 

It is easier for me to hold myself responsible than to try to make you understand what you should instinctively know. 

That I do not understand. 

How is it that what is common sense for me is foreign for you?

Is it ignorance?

Is it laziness?

Is it malice?

Or is it genius?

Least possible work on your part while I bend over backwards to get everything done. 

Do you see me over here drowning and you just not care, or is it some sick pleasure you have in watching me suffer?

I truly hope you are just dumb and not malicious. 

I do not take to being manipulated. While you are enjoying watching me work, just rest assured my niceness comes with a steep price. 

It takes immeasurable strength to refrain from my instincts. 

Yes, I will appear to do your bidding. You will think you have control over me. 

Just don’t get too comfortable. 

You do not know me as you think you do. 

Not even close. 

I will shred you to pieces with truth. 

I will bury you before you know what hit you. 

You will wish you were never born. 

And I will stand tall. And walk away. Not once will I raise my voice. Not once will I lose control. 

And you will see just how little control you had over me. 

You have no control over me. Not ever. 

I can play nice for a while, but beware the woman tried by fire; she has nothing to fear.

4 thoughts on “Warning

  1. Dang…. You put it down with this post. I want to get to your level. I need to feel that way towards an individual but don’t. I’m still lost in what was instead of what is. I am moving forward and doing what I ncessary but I am still mourning what was.


    1. ‘Was’ is past tense. Remember, the past doesn’t really matter. It is the now that matters. You’re holding on to what you thought was real, but it was a beautiful lie. Take all that dirt and build your foundation. You are stronger than you realize.
      Beware of anyone who seems too good to be true. Always watch out for flattery, shade and ignorance.
      And when you can help it, lean in and whisper; it makes a deep impression.


    2. I love how this sees both sides of the issue. How the narrator can admit that they are in essence setting all parties up for failure by not being direct with their needs, but giving a preemptive message if you will to the ones who know they are being cunning.


      1. I love this comment. There is so much behind your words; so many ways this can be taken. Very powerful and thought provoking. Thank you!


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