Law and Faith

The first covenant was made under the law. There were rules to follow, the Ten Commandments part of those laws. Ordinances were set forth for the children of Abraham that they must obey to obtain their promised glory. 

The Law and birthright determined the fate of a person. 

But what purpose is there in fulfillment of the Law if there is no guarantee of the promise? That’s where Faith comes into play. 

I don’t believe people without some research on my own. My point is, if someone would have said to me that I must do x, y, and z for me to gain my blessing, I think I would be as Sarah and laugh at the thought of me in my situation achieving the thing, or as Abraham and ask for a sign. I know I would because I do this now. When given a path to follow, I try to ask that the way be made plain. I am dumb, spell it out for me. 

The Second Covenant was the fulfillment of the Law; the ultimate Sacrifice made to prevent the need for further burnt offerings, thus making way for living by Faith. 

There is no ‘need’ of the Law, but those who walk by Faith adhere to the Law without thought. If you have Faith as a grain of a mustard seed, then nothing is impossible. Faith shows that the LORD is in control and that HE will judge with a righteous judgment. In other words, I am held accountable for me only, my actions, reactions, my thoughts, words and deeds, all of that is on me. My Faith is shown in my works; my Hope is that my Faith is enough for I fear my works are often vain.

Faith and Hope go hand in hand, for where there is Faith, there is Hope for better. There is Hope for Salvation through Jesus Christ and with that Salvation, what more could anyone want? 

In the New Testament, the Gentiles were not under the Law, but lived by Faith. And we today, being in the same time as they, also live by Faith. We adhere to the laws of the land and of GOD because of our fear of the LORD. By Faith we know of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction because of their ungodly ways. We follow the Law to avoid the wrath of GOD.

Faith is not in knowing something of assurity but of Hoping that by living life in a way that pleases GOD, eternal life might be found. 

While the Law is not the way to Salvation, the Law is made manifest by Faith. In living by and in Faith, the Law is fulfilled. 

Paul said that he was the chief of sinners, yet he was an esteemed Apostle. Moses begged out of leading the children of Israel out of Egypt because he felt unworthy and inadequate to fulfill the task. These men of GOD, and so many others, were full of self doubts. But, they were chosen by GOD and by Faith in GOD they accomplished their destiny. 

Faith in GOD is sure and solid; Faith in self is vain and profiteth nothing. Living by Faith in GOD and following CHRIST’S footsteps is Hoping to receive of the promise of the children of GRACE. 

To live by Faith is to abide by the Law and following the Law is vain without Faith in GOD.

2 thoughts on “Law and Faith

  1. I completely agree that you can’t have Faith without Hope. I have always thought that I wouldnt need Faith if I knew what to expect and when to expect it so since that isn’t the case, I have to have faith in the His will and hope that I know it when it happens so I can follow it.


    1. Exactly. If you know something without a doubt, what need do you have of GOD? Even they in the Bible, when given all the signs, still had to have Faith and Hope to move forward. The doubt is in self and understanding.


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