Lies and Secrets

What is a lie? Is it just the telling of an untruth? I think lying is anything done by deception. We all tell half truths and white lies when the need arises. 

When it suits our purpose. 

When we are trying to protect someone else. 

A lie is a dangerous thing. If left as is, it will grow and fester, and destroy healthy relationships. It can pierce the thickest armor and break the toughest chains. 

Lies manipulate others into believing in something that isn’t real. 

Telling lies hinder healing. It prevents emotions from breaking the surface. We lie to ourselves to avoid uncomfortable feelings. 

A lie is to deceive. The Bible states that it is not what goeth into a man that defileth him, but what comes out. A lie will tear apart the very thing you are trying to save. 

A secret is much the same as a lie…if it’s meant to deceive. And most are. 

Secrets are lies by omission.

A secret is pretending to be something other than who you should be or who you are. 

Keeping secrets causes pain and discord. They breakup the harmony between people. Whispered words, hidden agendas plant doubts and cause mistrust. 

We all have secrets we keep… sometimes we keep things from ourselves. 

Secrets and lies will always come out. 

A slip of the tongue and that careful web we’ve woven comes undone. 

It’s a con… Smoke and mirrors… deception and lies… secrets and games… who are you today? What persona did you adopt for this situation? 

Who are you driving down the road? Turn up the radio and shout along with your favorite songs.  

Maybe you’re Halsey telling him off in Without Me…or mic drop with Linkin Park, but get around a certain other person and you’re all Trust in You with Lauren Daigle. 

We are all made of light and dark. The ones who are too good to be true, watch out for those. They believe their own secrets and lies.

We all have verses left unsung…things we keep closely guarded. 

I don’t hold it against you…I’m a graveyard of secrets and lies too.

*Disclaimer: this is concerning self…and how we portray ourselves…things told in confidence are another topic. The secrets I’m talking about here are things we keep hidden…things that maybe we shouldn’t do if we don’t want to be discovered. 

3 thoughts on “Lies and Secrets

  1. Sometimes I am Linkin Park and sometimes I am Lauren Daigle, depending on mood. 😉 But I hear what you’re saying. It can be tiring to be something you’re not. Better just to be yourself.


    1. It is…I think, though, that we all (at least sometimes) try to be something other than who we are… Or maybe we don’t want certain people to know some parts of us. I am definitely different in groups than I am one on one… and not everyone knows me the same way. But I’m always myself, if that makes sense…


  2. I try to be myself but sometimes myself just wants to pull away and be alone and unfortunately I don’t have that luxury so I put on a mask. It’s exhausting.


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