Ears to Hear

Mark 4:23 KJV “If any man has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Unless our ears are opened, we will never hear of the wonderful mysteries. 

Think in the natural sense, how everything is open to interpretation. Our understanding is limited by our point of view which is limited by our experiences. 

If I write “tree”, what do you see? While one may see a pine, another an oak or a cypress, perhaps a dogwood or a magnolia, maybe a palm or a willow….What you picture is based on your surroundings, what you know, what is familiar. 

It doesn’t matter the medium:  paintings, books, movies, music, theatre, etc. what you get out of it has to come from what parts of you you can put in it. You and I can each have a different takeaway from the same piece. 

You may not get what I’m trying to convey when I post. I have a direction I want to go; I tend to work circles to get there. 

This post is related to my post about false prophets. The reason you need to read for yourself is what is meant for you to take away from the scriptures is based on your life and your experience of Grace. If you believe everything someone else tells you to believe, you will miss your blessing hidden in the words. 

We’ve all read the synopsis on the back of books or movies and then read or watched and been disappointed because our takeaway wasn’t the same. It could be that we had a deeper connection or maybe completely disconnected…but the glimpse into the book was not what we were expecting. 

You can experience something many times and hear something different each time. That is the beauty of first-hand knowledge; with your growth and development your ears are opened and you can hear the message meant for you.

Read for yourself. Ask questions; make conversation. There are those who will listen and respond. And don’t forget to ask GOD for understanding; HE will make it plain.

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