There is much uncertainty in the world today…both on a global scale and even closer to home. I think it is during these times when we need to join together in the hope of Christian Love and try to beg for mercy from the Father.

The Bible states to bear your burdens but also to bear one another’s burdens. (Galatians 6) If we could be blessed to put our neighbors above ourselves, to help each other in times of need, and be given the mind to try to pray for each other, perhaps these uncertainties wouldn’t cause so much travail.

And speaking of travails, every trial we face, prepares us for our future blessings. Without the storms, we would not be able to appreciate the calm. It is that rain that makes the plants grow just as much as the sun.

All of us face storms of some type. Some of our storms, we share, while others we keep to ourselves. Sometimes we want help from our loved ones, and other times we need to face things alone. Whatever you are facing, just remember that this too shall pass.

May you find comfort in the words of CHRIST: “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” (Matthew 11:29 KJV) HE is always near to help bear your burdens. HE calms the troubled waters and soothes the roughest winds.

In a world full of uncertainty, I hope to be truly thankful for an all wise and merciful GOD in control of everything. HE is on whom I place my certainty for HE is always the same, the great I AM.

6 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I see this term uncertainty used to instantly produced fear in me. However, reading more of the word has helped to calm some of that. How do I get rid of it all together? His word says I should never feel it?


    1. As being made of the flesh, we give into fears and temptation. We are not made for be fearless; rather we are instructed to fear the LORD. Of what are you afraid? The flesh and body are designed to pass away, but the soul is for the LORD. When we strip it down to the basics, the only fear we should have is “am I a child of GOD?” We cannot do that without HIM.


  2. Its not one particular fear in general. Maybe I am misinterpret the phrase “fear not” as I “assume” it means we should never be afraid because if we do that means we don’t have faith.


    1. I am so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Your question couldn’t be answered at that time. I posted ‘Fear Not’ on August 16, 2022. That is my reply.


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