Shakespeare said “What is in a name?…” and with that he poses a rather deep philosophical question but he just skimmed the surface.  (As I will do here.)

When we name our children, we often put much thought into the feelings evoked by the name, the meaning of the name, possible nicknames and associations, etc.  In other words, the names we give our children mean something to us, and we wish to bestow meaning to our children. It is a lot of responsibility on such a little helpless infant, but we hope they grow into their name. 

As a nickname is for a child, so is the name of so many other places, people and things. We have different languages, different ways of expression, but often at the core, we say the same things. I’m speaking generally. No, this isn’t set in stone, and yes, there are differing opinions, but whether I’m talking about a cat, un gato, un chat, it doesn’t matter, it is the same regardless the language spoken. 

Likewise, and this is where I may lose you, whoever you worship, I cannot say whether you are right or wrong. We may follow the same GOD, but call HIM different names. We may worship the same GOD but our worship may be done in different ways. My prayers may be more sighs and groans while yours may be lengthy petitions full of eloquent dialogue. You may set aside specific time in your day for prayer and mine may be more random thoughts.  Who is right and who is wrong? In my mind, there is no wrong way to pray. Prayer must come from GOD and however it comes, however it is given, that is the right way. Praising GOD is based on your convictions, how HE chooses for you to give HIM glory. 

Realizing that whatever you do unto the least of HIS children, you do also into HIM as HE is one with HIS children. Isn’t that an amazing thought? HE is HIS children and HIS children are HIM and further, HE is three in one…with that, it is no wonder that HE identifies HIMSELF as I AM. Another topic for a different day. 

I am not the judge of you, just as you are not the judge of me. And that pleases me to no end. I would rather suffer the wrath of my GOD and HIS vengeance but also HIS grace and mercy, than to be judged by any person. 

Whether you worship in nature with dancing and singing, or in a cathedral with strict order, however you call Jehovah, Yahway, GOD; the name and the method matter not. Anything good comes from and returns to the most HIGH, I AM, Beginning and Ending, All in All.

“What is in a name…” just the familiarity, the comfort, the fleshy parts…all children of Grace have a new and different name; that which the flesh will never know or comprehend. 

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