Undivided Attention

God is everywhere present, and nowhere absent. 

You know, I depend on my God for everything. He helps me through each day; He is always there holding my hand through all my struggles and showing me His kindness and mercy. He never leaves me though I will sometimes try to wander off track…He always brings me back to where I need to be.

I try to be in more places at once than I can. I try to work through work problems at home and home problems at work. I try to orchestrate so much of my life and cross at the t’s and dot all my i’s and I fail miserably. 

Because I can’t be in more than one place at a time. 

And often I find that I’m not really fully present where I physically am. 

And that’s a problem. I’m not focusing on what I’m doing for worrying about everything else. 

So everything lacks. Nothing has my undivided attention. 

And that leaves me cleaning up more messes that my carelessness has caused.

That’s part of the beauty of my God. HE can be everywhere at once. 

And HE can give all of HIS attention to each cause simultaneously. 

And what a relief it is to know that I can depend on my Lord for everything and that doesn’t take away what He does for you. 

We restrict God based on our capabilities; but with GOD nothing is impossible. There are no restrictions on the LORD.

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