Dead in CHRIST

I’ve thought this before but never in these words. 

The flesh is the grave…we are all dust, clay, made from the earth. And we are all dying, naturally. 

But today, as I was reading, it hit me that we are in fact dead…the flesh is dead; it is rotten and rotting with every passing moment. 

I think I’ve written here before about the soul is what is alive and housed in the fleshy tomb (our bodies). 

Paul says that those baptized are dead and buried with CHRIST and when HE arose, the dead in CHRIST shall rise and live in CHRIST.

We are all, then, dead, in sin, in bondage, and waiting in hope to be raised to life…

And life eternal in perfect peace with our LORD and FATHER and HOLY SPIRIT. 

How can it be that CHRIST died and rose from the tomb and all those who were HIS ascended to Heaven with HIM yet there remained some left behind?

Time does not exist for GOD. HE was, is and will be. GOD is the beginning and ending. Before the heavens and earth, GOD was. And HE will be when everything else is gone. 

Our minds are too weak to comprehend eternity and what that means.

GOD’s Children live in HIM continuously. 

And that’s what Paul says…he’d rather be present with the LORD, but had a duty to fulfill. But his hope was that he was one of the LORD’s elect and knew that regardless of how long he toiled here, he would not have any less days with the FATHER in Heaven. That was his hope. 

Even Paul, Chief Apostle of the Gentile Church, lived in HOPE of salvation. 

I love his letters; full of admonishment and encouragement. 

Many of his letters reference the law as opposed to grace and faith…there were some who lived under the law, who through birth and bloodlines should inherit eternal life. And there were some who lived by faith, covered in grace who did not adhere to the laws of circumcision and clean eating. His argument is that if even the unclean received the Holy Spirit, then who is to judge whether they be saved or lost…

GOD is the judge. We cannot know the heart of anyone. Some may live in ways that leave us full of fear and trembling, but maybe they have a pure heart and we, who appear upright (in our own eyes), do not. 

Getting back to the dead flesh, GOD viewed the end with the beginning. HE knows all things; HE knows where we end up…HIS children never leave HIM. They are with HIM and HE is with them always. 

Our duty, as was Paul’s, is to live in accordance with our convictions and be a light unto those we meet. GOD calls HIS children; maybe HE uses some children as guides. Paul states that GOD gives gifts to all HIS children. The gifts are not the same for everyone. Some receive the gift of prophecy, others of healing, and others still of teaching. More gifts are given and all work together for good. 

We must continue on in our duty until we are called home to that everlasting life of perfect peace and glorification of the FATHER.

One thought on “Dead in CHRIST

  1. I never thought about our actual flesh as a grave. But that make since because when he returns he is taking all the dead to be with him. That doesn’t just mean those that have passed on it also means those here that believe and have served him.

    Great perspective.

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