Every life has a song…a melody that ebbs and flows as it continues. 

Many songs start slowly, peacefully finding a soothing lullaby. The tempo races and rests from time to time.

Some songs speed along, the notes flying off the page, racing, rising, falling octaves within moments at breathtaking speeds right from the start. 

There are periods when the minor chords take over offering depth and dimension not found in the majors. The song may slow giving comfort and rest, healing peace and meditation. 

The sharps and flats sprinkle in some diversity giving audible color to the black and white notes on the page.  

Our song has a rhythm, a frequency unique to us. We don’t write or choose our song; our CREATOR did that long before we had breath. 

HE gives us people, from time to time, who match our vibrations. Sometimes our song shares highs and lows with another. 

Sometimes the melody becomes so faint, we can hardly hear the music. During those times, our friends that vibrate with us can help us hear our song. 

Other times we hear the crescendo and a sudden rest for a few beats letting us think it’s time for the curtain call, but the music returns. 

Life is a delicate balance of thundering drums and soothing harps. 

Thank GOD we don’t conduct our symphony. Only HE knows the flow we must follow and when the final note will sound…

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