The rocks in the streams and rivers weren’t always smooth. It is the presence and persistence of the water against the rocks that makes the sharp edges smooth.

Some rocks develop holes in them over time. These holes form because of weak spots in the rocks. The water finds these areas and relentlessly beats against them. It finds tiny cracks and wears away places that once were sure and strong. 

If the water continues to work in the cracks, it can cause the rock to split, leaving more soft spots for the water to beat against.

I can go two ways with this, really I could go many more ways, but I am going to try to go two ways. 

When we stand firm in our beliefs, we are as the rock in the running water. We are strong and unyielding, but something comes along and causes us to have doubts and questions. If we are not quick to reinforce soft spots, we will start to break. 

These little drops of doubt that work their way into our thoughts and start to form cracks and holes in how we view ourselves can cause havoc to our psyche. We mustn’t let the cracks grow and spread.

Which brings me to another way to look at the water on the rocks. Sometimes we harden our hearts to GOD. Perhaps not on purpose, but we decide to do things our way and go it alone. Likewise, HIS water works on the weak spots, but this time in a good way. HE causes us to pause, to be thankful for our blessings, and to share our love for one another. HE shows us how to lift each other up. 

Sometimes we get subtle reminders of how much we need the LORD and other times it is a hard lesson to learn. When the living water washes over us, it brings us closer to GOD.

Both points of view can draw us to the LORD and HIS purpose for us…it depends on how we respond. 

Anytime we feel the pressure of self-doubt, we need to look to the LORD for strength and guidance. HE is how we reinforce the weak spots. When GOD moves, nothing can hinder. 

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