Stop for a minute. When do you notice these things? I can guarantee you feel these negative emotions when you compare yourself to what someone else does. You are so focused on them, you can’t concentrate on YOU. All that chatter in your mind telling you to take notice of how much this one can do and why can’t you do that too… Stop it! 

You can only go in the direction you are looking. When you take your eyes off the finish line, you’ll stumble if not fall completely. You will lose sight of your goal and waver. Don’t let what other people do affect your focus. When you are working toward something, you almost need tunnel vision to stay on track. Be aware of your surroundings, so you don’t get blindsided, but don’t let what you see throw you off course. You want to step up your game, compete with yourself. Be better today than you were yesterday. 

Push yourself for you, not for someone else. Stop comparing your progress to someone else. You only see their results part of the time. What you can’t see is what they do off the clock, how much effort they put in when no one is watching. 

Your results are directly related to your effort. Your mental blocks hinder your progress. Sometimes those naysayers we need to shut up are the ones in our minds telling us we can’t do it. 

You can do it. Tell that voice in your head to shut up. You got this. You got you. You don’t need anyone else. GOD gave you everything you need to do anything you want. You have to want it bad enough that you will stop looking at others, stop comparing yourself, and start focusing all your energy on the prize. Compete with your mind and prove it wrong. Beat who you were yesterday. And repeat that tomorrow. 

You can’t always see the progress you’re making, but just as you are watching others, someone else is watching you and wanting to be like you. 

Keep going, don’t stop.

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