Break it down. 

You can’t start at the dessert; you can’t have the meal without the preparation. Make a list of what you want to accomplish. Write it down. Prioritize. What is most important? What is the main dish?

Look at each goal and form a plan for each. Each one is part of a meal. The meal is your life. My family says they can taste the love I put in the food when I take my time and follow directions. When I don’t beat what should be stirred…when a pinch of salt is all that’s needed… But when I just throw it together, it’s nothing more than plain food. Each goal should be broken down as a recipe. Write out what you need to accomplish each task. Then, put the ingredients in order of how they should be completed. 

Each part of the meal should be handled with love. You can’t skimp on the flour when baking a cake. If you cut corners when working towards your dreams, they will fall flat. 

Following directions is sometimes aggravating, but if we skip a step, we might not have enough food. If we forget the sugar, the cake won’t be as sweet. 

If we rush through the process, and don’t take our time, the rice will be crunchy, the meat will be raw in the center. It won’t be any good. Each part of the process has a predetermined length of time. Don’t rush the meal; find joy in the progress. 

Everything made with love forever remains. Your recipe for your destiny will stay with your children and grandchildren. Make sure it is handled with love. 

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