Welcome to a version of who I am. Who I choose to be here will depend on how I feel on any given day. Some days I’m upbeat and motivated, while other days I’m struggling to get through. In the end, these are just thoughts in my head that become words on a page; nothing more than that.

My thoughts jump from poetry to prose and are just as random as you could imagine. One minute I could be quite content, and the next a raging storm. I’m afraid this will be a jumble of words and emotions. Random thoughts both good and bad.

Our thoughts dictate our lives. So much of who we are is based on how our thoughts work. The struggle to keep my thoughts in a positive way is real; it is more natural for me to be negative. This is to help me get my thoughts out of my head and turn them into something positive.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe not. Maybe, though, this will help one person out there to know that you are never alone and you are more than enough just as you are.

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