Farther along…but just how much farther do we have?

Every journey has a destination…some trips last longer than others. Some roads are bumpy. Some are smooth. Some roads stretch on straight out before us as far as we can see, while others have hairpin curves, twists and turns leaving us holding on for dear life.

There are roadblocks from time to time. Accidents happen to us…or to others along the way. 

We stop for fuel, for our bodies and for our vehicles…sometimes we need a little break from the travel…the traffic or the trees…either hyping us up or putting us to sleep….

Sometimes we take a detour, just a little path to the side before we come back and head on our way…

We are all headed to our destination…our paths are not the same for each of us. Some of us have longer to travel and some have tougher roads than others. 

But farther along, we will see the end of our journey. We’ll see the fruits of our labor and understand why this road was ours to travel.

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