None of us are immune to stress or worry. We all suffer, maybe in different ways, and we all feel the effects of external forces.

Some of us try to hide while others can’t help but showing their feelings. Neither way is right or wrong.

We also cannot measure the level of worry another has… we all feel differently. None of us have the same makeup, so we do things differently: we react differently. The Lord made us individuals: He made us individually; each unique with our own ideas, stressors, actions and reactions. 

What is good for one isn’t always good for the other. What may break me might not phase you; and what I take in stride might stop you in your tracks. 

That’s part of the beauty of this life. The Lord places people in our lives to complement us: to help us through the trials of life. We need people to encourage us, to help us when we fall and to remind us of our purpose.

We all worry about tomorrow. We worry about the unknown. we need our Christian friends to remind us that the Lord is in control. He viewed the beginning and the ending together and He knows that life needs you so He made you to glorify Him.

Yes we worry. But thank God we don’t need to worry. He is in control of everything. He never gives what He doesn’t help us carry. 

Thank you, Lord! Praise His holy name!

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