Apples and Doors

“Eat the damn apple”

Technically, it wasn’t said exactly that way, but the tone…wow! I heard words that weren’t intended…or said. 

But it got my attention…

Isn’t that what we all need sometimes? We need someone to smack us upside the head and help us regain our focus. Not literally, of course, just in a way that gets our attention. 

When will you prioritize yourself? You must take control of your life; you are ultimately responsible for everything you do and say. The good news is you’re not responsible for anyone else.

Every day we make little choices that seem insignificant. But how often do you skip the lunch break because you have too much work to do? Or use that time to run errands, pay bills, or do some other chore? How often do you let distractions, coworker interruptions, and work calls interfere with your lunch time? People will push you and disrespect you if you don’t set boundaries. I get it; sometimes all you have is that lunch break to get some things done. Make sure it’s your choice on how you spend the time.

Walk out the door. 

It’s that easy sometimes. Take a walk outside in the fresh air and clear your mind for a few minutes. That little bit of sunshine will do wonders. Make it a habit. Pen it in that you are out of the office for that specific time. It’s an appointment that you must keep. 

Make it a MUST. 

You are your priority; act like it. Start paying attention to what you consume, mentally and physically. Make sure wholesome things enter your mind and body. Get enough sleep. Take the lunch break. Bring some fruit. Drink plenty of water. Go for a walk. Leave your desk. 

Walk out the door and, by all means, just eat the apple.

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